Set up your DatabeanStalk account

Once you signed up your DatabeanStalk Free Trial, you call follow this guide to set up admin account and deployment.

  1. For set up this process you need to create AWS account or you can use existing AWS account.

  2. Once you set up your password from verification email you can login here using your email and newly created password.

  3. Select the DatabeanStalk plan based on your business needs.

4. Enter billing detail, DatabeanStalk will not charge till your free trial expire. Once your free trial completes, DatabeanStalk only charge subset of your AWS infrastructure billing.

5. You can copy external ID and use it in your AWS account to create cross account role. you can follow this guide to create databeanstalk cross account role in your account.

6. AWS storage: create your unque s3 bucket and use that bucket name here and click on Create Policy and databeanStalk will create a permission for you and you can copy and paste in your bucket resource policy.

7. Deploy DatabeanStalk: This process take up to 30 minutes to deploy in your AWS account and you will get notification in your email address. Click on Deploy DatabeanStalk.

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