Onboard to DatabeanStalk

To onboard to DatabeanStalk, please follow the steps in this guide. In the following sections, you learn how to create your DatabeanStalk workspace account and sign in.

Create a DatabeanStalk account

Completes the following steps to create your DatabeanStalk workspce account.

  1. Go to the DatabeanStalk website and click on signup.

  2. To get started with DatabeanStalk, you can choose between DatabeanStalk Free Trial and Free Community Edition.

DatabeanStalk Free Trial vs Free Community Edition

DatabeanStalk Free Trial gives you full product access and it has more features and flexibility than Community edition. In this trial version, DatabeanStalk request your AWS account role base access and s3 bucket access for data storage and connectivity. This product will take up to 30 minutes to deploy in your AWS account and you will receive your own url link in registered email for product access.

Free Community Edition is complete free for user with limited resource access. User able to use up to 2 CPU core and 6GB RAM and 15GB storage.

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